River Ravens is a Viking Age living history group based out of Minnesota, founded by Tim Jorgensen with Kyle and Kristin Jameson in 2016. The group mission is to provide a comprehensive and historically-accurate experience of what life was like in Scandinavia and areas settled by the Norse during the core period of the Viking Age (793AD to 10066AD). Our members are encouraged to demonstrate one or more crafts or activities documented to that period.

Arvid Andreasson helps Fredrik Hellman with beard maintenance at Moesgaard, Denmark.


The River Ravens make every effort to demonstrate crafts and activities of the Viking Age using replica tools, equipment, and props based on original artifacts. This is why you’ll find us lurking in museums with our cameras pressed up against the glass display cases. Or members share the same desire, placing a high value on research and accurate portrayal of history as part of our demonstrations.

Striving for historical accuracy isn’t always fun and easy. In fact, some parts of history, such as battle or blacksmithing, can be quite painful at times. That’s why we encourage our members to find which parts of culture in Viking Age Scandinavia they’ll enjoy.

The appearance of our living history exhibit demonstrations are governed by the Living History Exhibit Regulations set forth by Regia in 2002.

The double-bellow forge was necessary for forging iron into a variety of tools and weapons

Here’s a list of what our members can offer at your next event:

  • Agriculture
  • Archery (including bow and arrow making)
  • Antler and bone crafting
  • Battle demonstrations
  • Blacksmithing (using double-bellow forge)
  • Beadwork
  • Bronzecasting
  • Coinstriking
  • Cooking
  • Fiber Arts (dyeing, weaving, sewing, etc)
  • Games (board games or physical challenges)
  • Leatherwork and furs
  • Merchants (drinking horns, jewelry, clothing, etc)
  • Pottery
  • Runestones
  • Woodwork (lathe, carving, construction, etc)
Daniel Serra prepares stuffed sheep hearts on a replica roasting spit from Lund, Sweden
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