River Ravens are joining Regia Anglorum!

After many lengthy meetings and discussions, the River Ravens group founders, Tim Jorgensen and Kyle and Kristin Jameson, decided to merge with the longstanding U.K.-based living history group, Regia Anglorum (https://regia.org/).

Jorgensen is also director of Viking Connection (http://www.vikingconnection.org/), a program run by the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, MN (http://www.hcscconline.org/). As part of that role, he will continue coordinating the annual Midwest Viking Festival as a multi-group event. MVF will not be governed by Regia guidelines, although anyone following their kit recommendations would be most welcome!

The group founders are in mutual agreement that our part of North America has a strong connection with preserving traditional Scandinavian crafts. We think our current and future members will enjoy participation in Regia’s various online groups (maritime, archery, textile research and experiments, the authenticity council, and so on). For information regarding membership, please click on our membership page.

River Ravens will handle membership for the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as any part of the world where there is not currently a Regia Anglorum group.


More Vikings in Minnesota!

After a decade of coordinating the Midwest Viking Festival, coordinator Tim Jorgensen started getting phone calls from other organizations looking for a Viking presence at their events. There were plenty of Vikings willing to participate, but what would they be called? The name, “River Ravens” is both an homage to our roots in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota, but also Odin’s ravens which represented thought and memory. 

Making flatbread by the fire at the Midwest Viking Festival in Moorhead, MN